Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Failed state in progress

Just when it looked like things might calm down:
The ruling by the Supreme Court Wednesday barring opposition leader, Nawaz Sharif, from holding elected office plunged Pakistan into political crisis as Mr. Sharif called for nationwide protests and the president imposed executive rule in the important province of Punjab.
Executive rule? Zardari walks down the path of Musharraf. The lawyer's protest that helped bring down Musharraf was backed by Sharif but has got the cold shoulder from Zardari.

Fighting an insurgency on the frontier is difficult when everyone focuses on the centers of power. Is keeping the Sharif brothers out of office that important to Zardari and the US? PM Gilani had appealed the previous decision of the Musharraf appointed court, is he going to take a side now?

Meanwhile, Afghanistan and Pakistan FMs are in Washington making nice to each other, with Kerry and Hagel calling for $4-5bn in financial aid to Pakistan. I don't expect their new found friendship to last.


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