Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dubya II?

Glenn Greenwald's post today links to two items that fit into the larger pattern of Obama following in George W. Bush's footsteps.

The first, an article in the Guardian details the tortures and resulting injuries suffered by Binyman Mohamed at Guantanamo, including tortures that have occurred up until his departure yesterday. I was under the impression that Obama had ordered torture to be stopped?

The second tells the tale of a reporter who calls the White House press secretary's office and what ensues. The people he talks to there refuse to spell their names or identify their job title, and demand that the conversation is 'off the record'. I thought that Obama had ordered a new era of 'transparency'?

Once again, more evidence that either Obama is not in charge of the DoD (that runs Gitmo) or he he is continuing the Bush administration's policies. (For now, we'll ignore the possibility that he has been kidnapped and replaced by a false president.)

But he's not in charge of his own press office? That's something we might have believed about Bush, but if Obama is unable to control the very people responsible for getting out his message, he is more incompetent than we could have dreamed.

The smell of something rotten gets stronger and stronger.


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