Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Siachen Glacier War

Unless one is very attentive and has a good memory, it's hard to remember that India and Pakistan are going at it in a 'hot' war in northern Kashmir. There is an undefined border in some of the most inaccessible terrain on earth on the Siachen Glacier. It's been going on for 19 years now. Though it is routinely ignored by the press and pundits, one might think that when two countries are lobbing artillery shell at each other, killing and wounding each others soldiers, and spending very large sums of money it is going to effect their mutual relations.

Outside Online has one of the most remarkable pieces of reporting I've ever read about that war or any other. The reporter, Kevin Fedarko, visited both side of the front and gives a remarkable look at the continuing insanity and the damage it does to men and the earth when fighting at over 19,000 feet. It is long, but very worth reading.
(h/t Grand Trunk Road)

UPDATE: The article is from February 2003, not that it matters.


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