Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Introducing Islamism

M K Bhadrakumar does his usual high level look at the jockeying for position in Afghanistan among the powers of the area, Pakistan, India, Iran, plus the US and NATO. He also wonders if a victory by Karzai might be countered with an "Iran-like situation" (his quotes). Calling the election results into question (the spadework is already being done in the press), might allow a "surrogate power structure" to emerge, one more closely aligned with US/NATO and less aligned with the existing power structures in Afghanistan.

But I found one of his closing paragraphs most interesting:
Equally, the Pakistani security establishment and the Obama administration will consider it hard to stomach that a democratically elected government dominated by the Northern Alliance "warlords", who used to enjoy the support of Russia, Iran and India, may come to power in Kabul. The agenda of introducing Islamism for the remaking of Central Asia, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's expansion, the long-term military presence in Afghanistan - all these get disrupted.
Is the current US policy in the region to introduce Islamism for the remaking of Central Asia? Could fighting Islamism be the way to stir up Islamism, destabilizing the 'stans as well as western China and southern Russia?

If so, it would certainly indicate that Obama's policy goals in Afghanistan are the same as those that Cheney tried, and failed, to implement. It would also show a stunning level of deviousness and hypocrisy from our 'transparent' leader, something that goes far beyond even his trickery in the health care charade.


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