Friday, September 04, 2009

Obama blasts Israeli plan

This story seems to play up the administrations remarks. Gibbs said the President 'regrets' the reports of the Israeli action to expand the settlements. However, Blog Simple has new details of the possible serious rift between Washington and Jerusalem.


White House sources have said that President Obama has threatened Israel with 'consequences' if they go ahead with plans to build more 'settlements'.

One senior official stated that President Obama was going to 'stamp his little feet', perhaps even in public, if the Israelis didn't renounce their plan. Further actions were also under consideration, including 'holding his breath until blue in the face'.

But another official said that breath holding was not on the table, at least for now, "It's got the Secret Service worried." he said, adding that Obama's complexion made the action "problematic".

Israeli officials, speaking off the record, professed to be unconcerned about the President's tough new line. "Nyah, nyah, he's a poopie face." was stated by more than one.


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