Monday, August 24, 2009

Holder goes after the little fish

To bad for Göring that Holder wasn't the Nuremburg prosecutor, the "Ve vas only gifink orders" defense would have got him off scot-free.

It's difficult to conceive that Holder could do a worse job as AG than he has done so far. We can hardly hope that he'll ever do any better, the guy is thoroughly in the tank.

Wherever we look, justice, war, health, finance, or economy, Obama's cowardice and lack of leadership become more evident each day. The insane policies that Feckless Leader followed are still being continued, some even worsened by HopeChange. This administration has a good chance of finishing in disaster, long before its first four years are up.

UPDATE: Just to accentuate how Obama's weakness is evident to interested observers, Netanyahu is reportedly going to tell envoy Mitchell to go piss up a rope. M. J. Rosenberg (linked to above) thinks that Bibi is all wrong about Obama who will show his leadership skills to get universal health coverage, and Bibi will thus back off. Maybe, if you think that requiring people to buy crappy private insurance is 'universal'. But I don't think that will impress Bibi.


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