Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Taliban?

I would think that the great majority of people in Pakistan, all things being equal, would opt not to be ruled by the Taliban. I can even imagine that few of the Taliban fighters, in terms of their obnoxious social policies, would want to be ruled by the Taliban.

But when you read things like this editorial in Dawn, and you realize that the Taliban oppose the kleptocrats in power for reasons other than just reactionary Islam, it's clear why their power and influence continues to grow: "Country for sale?"

Starting with Musharraf, and now continuing with Zardari and company, the Pakistan government is leasing out millions of acres of farm land to foreign corporations/governments, allowing all the food produced to be shipped out, as well as profits. There are cash payments, of course, the big part of which are probably skiing in the Swiss alps.

According to a recent study, Pakistan is at extreme risk in food security. Compared with having food, and not being able to view western DVDs and have your haircut, what would you choose?


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