Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spinning Peter

Following up on the last post here, the Peter Galbraith/Tawke oil field story has finally hit the MSM, in an article in the Boston Globe.

Certainly the headline writer puts a denial in the headline, "Former diplomat denies oil dealings influenced views", but the reporting gives some weight to concerns about his ethical position. The article tries to be clear that he is in no legal difficulty because he was a private citizen when the deal was struck.

With guys like Galbraith, of course, it is questionable if he is really ever a private citizen, such as you or I. Like all those in the revolving doorway of the Village, it's all very blurry, so fast do they spin through their various stages.

UPDATE: Foreign Policy blogs about the Globe article, and adds this tidbit at the end:
Many also see the revelations of Galbraith's involvement in DNO, which were detailed in a harsh manner on the Norwegian Web site, as part of a retribution campaign following Galbraith's public and scathing criticism of his former U.N. boss Kai Eide, the Norwegian diplomat who stands accused of helping to ignore massive election fraud in Afghanistan.
Do you think 'many' might be another term for friends of Peter Galbraith?


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