Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Day of Decision

Which is something of a joke, of course. The decisions were made long ago, as the long started preparations at Bagram airbase attest.

The only remaining unknown that will be gleaned from Obama's speech tonight will be the length of the commitment, and since the 34,000 troop build up will last up to eighteen months, we have to speculate that the commitment will last at least three years.

 Something to think about, how long do you expect that large numbers of US troops will be in Afghanistan? How many US/NATO troops will be the maximum number?

Obama seems intent on writing FAIL in large letters across his presidency. Despite his intelligence and eloquence, he is more and more obviously unfit for the job he has taken on, unless the job is conceived as being a toady for the military, Wall Street, and the insurance industry.

UPDATE: The Medium Lobster explains it all in scientific terms.

UPDATE II: The NYT reports that troops will start leaving in July 2011, just about when they'll all get there. This is nonsensical.


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