Monday, November 02, 2009

And the winner is...

Obama called Karzai and congratulated him on his election victory. That's after the US did everything possible to delegitimize the so-called mayor of Kabul during the last six months, and the press campaign to delegitimize the Afghan elections.

Karzai is obviously a wily guy, and far more attuned to the power structures in his country. He also cannot afford to wear the blinders that the government and press wear in the US. And at least for now the US is going to have to live with him.

With the election settled, all we have left to wait for is Obama's troop decision. Since he seems unable or unwilling to set out on a new path, a middle of the road escalation seems the best bet, but with McChrystal throwing figures around like 65 or even 85 thousand, middle of the road could be 40,000.


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