Friday, October 16, 2009

It's strange

Sure is strange when its not strange at all that the SEC has named a 29 year old ex-VP of Goldman Sachs to be the COO of its enforcement division. So what else is new, the banksters are not only running the show, they've just given up any pretense that they're not.

The real difference between Obama and Bush is that the Bush/Cheney gang was more directly linked to the big energy companies than to the banksters. Obama is clearly just their (the banksters) marionette. As Spengler predicted:
But titanic, too, is the onslaught of money upon this intellectual force. Only high finance is wholly free, wholly intangible. Since 1789 the banks, and with them the bourses, have developed themselves on the credit-needs of an industry growing ever more enormous, as a power on their own account, and they will (as money wills in every Civilization) to be the only power. This battle is the despairing struggle of technical though to maintain its liberty against money-thought.
So, are we finally there, at the final dictature of money? Then what?
The dictature of money marches on, tending to its material peak, in the Faustian Civilization as in every other. And now something happens that is intelligible only to one who has penetrated to the essence of money. If it were anything tangible, then its existence would be forever - but, as it is a form of thought, it fades out as soon as it has thought its economic world to finality, and has no more material on which to feed.
Must be the season of the witch.
(h/t Greenwald)


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