Friday, March 05, 2010

The 'C' word

Glenn Greenwald covers the last rumored about face by Barack Obama, the decision to reject civilian trial for KSM and others, and calls a spade a spade:
First, although they will try, it will be extremely difficult even for his most devoted loyalists to deny the fundamental cowardice of Barack Obama.  Think about how many times this will have happened: 
He goes on to enumerate the reversals of stated positions, mainly in reference to the 'war on terror' and civil liberties that has characterized his presidency, especially when presented with any political opposition. Of course, that is just scratching the surface with Obama, the health care fiasco, the bankster bailout, the education farce all present a convincing portrait of a man incapable of standing up for anything. Likening him a jellyfish is to insult our cnidarian friends.

So we are stuck with a political weather vane 'leading' the nation. Since the political actors with the most access to mass media are all cut from the same predatory, money worshiping ilk, owned by banksters, the defense establishment, and the drug/health insurance industry, the continuing circular path down the toilet of history will, if anything, accelerate.

If I could discern any ray of light on the horizon, I would jump to the occasion to point it out, but despite the economic happy talk that is the main theme in these days, things are bound to get a lot worse, and sooner rather than later.  


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