Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Silicon daze

The FBI's explanation of the anthrax case back in 2001 was weak to begin with. The only real evidence was the tracing of genetic markers to a flask that had been in the possession of Bruce Ivins, along with many others. Since Ivins supposedly and conveniently committed suicide, he made an excellent fall guy, and the FBI used him just that way, to put a stone over its hapless investigation.

Unfortunately for the FBI, there was still an important problem that wasn't explained, the presence of silicon in the spores used in the attack. The Wall Street Journal has a must read Op-Ed that shows clearly that the FBI's case has been blown out of the water, and they've got a whole lot more 'splainin to do.

We find it interesting that this story comes out when there is a new push to alarm the public over the risk of possible al-Qaida WMD attacks.
(h/t Uncle $cam)


Blogger lewweinstein said...

I have never believed the FBI's assertion that Bruce Ivins was the sole perpetrator. He may not even have been involved at all; surely the evidence put forward so far does not make a case against him. So which is it? Has the FBI failed to solve the case, or are they covering up for the real murderers? And which is worse? I wrote a novel about this, called CASE CLOSED, and I manage a blog where a very active discussion about the anthrax case takes place daily ...

1/27/2010 1:14 PM  
Blogger Dick Durata said...

Thanks, Lew, I'll check it out.

1/27/2010 3:03 PM  

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