Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fettered Leader

Faithful readers of Blog Simple will remember that our title for the last US President, G. W. Bush, was Feckless Leader, taking a cue from a favorite program from our youth, the Rocky and Bullwinkle show. Fearless Leader was the dictator of Pottsylvania, and boss of Boris and Natasha, the primary opposition to our furry heroes. The jump from Fearless to Feckless takes only a pronounced booby such as G.W.B.

Month of observation and research have allowed us to dub our current president, Barack Obama, with the title Fettered Leader. True the chains that bind him seem mostly self-installed, with the witting help of Geithner, Raum, Gates, Clinton and his other appointees, but his general aspect is of one fettered to following the dictates of the press and politics, with no thought to anything like the change that is so obviously needed.

So, Fettered Leader it is!


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