Thursday, December 24, 2009

Going rogue?

David Headley, the accused scout of the Mumbai terror attack, is now been tagged by Indian intelligence as a US 'secret agent' who 'went rogue'.

The CIA, of course, denied that he ever worked for them, but we have to assume they knew about him, at least his DEA activities, as well as his new role as an immigration consultant.

Probably, his arrest was precipitated by his cover being blown to both Indian and Pakistani intelligence. The last thing the US would need would be to have a man of his background at the mercy of foreign intelligence. As for 'going rogue', that sounds extremely improbable. The nexus of drugs and terrorism leads inevitably to US intelligence operations, and Headley might know a lot more things than we been given to suspect. His silence inside the US prison archipelago is an end wished by many.
(h/t cryptogon)


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