Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hope and Change

The long anticipated roll-out of the new Afghanistan policy is now going great guns, the networks are lined up in their best cheerleading outfits, doing pyramids, cartwheels, and new variations on the old two, four, six, eight cheers. Last night I had the misfortune to see Jim Lehrer 'interview' Adm. Mullins; sycophancy is a blithe euphemism for that degree of on screen fellatio.

Today we have 'a message that does not amount to an ultimatum' to Pakistan, to up the fight against their Taliban, the alternative being more drone strikes in new areas (read Baluchistan), as well as incursions by Special Forces.

This clearly indicates that the 30,000 more troops being sent to Afghanistan are not just an escalation of the Afghan War, it will mean an escalation of the AfPak war.

Meanwhile, our favored puppet in Islamabad, Zardari, is losing power daily, and the coming strong man is still below the horizon. The destabilization of Pakistan proceeds apace, and its consequences will necessarily reverberate beyond the AfPak borders.

30,000 troops are a drop in the bucket in this ocean. The generals and 'defense contractors' must now see Obama as a new white knight, even whiter than Bush, bringing more war than they ever dreamed about. And each soldier costs three times more than in Iraq! A gas costs $400 a gallon! Change they can believe in!

As for hope, we need to hope that China continues to finance our extravagance.


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