Friday, December 18, 2009

Hop along there, Peter

The NYT reported that Peter "Cottontail" Galbraith has been accused by two UN officials of trying to enlist the US government in removing Karzai from office while working for the UN in Kabul. Galbraith's mentors, Richard Holbrooke and VP Joe Biden, were supposedly privy to the plan, though both have denied it.

As in Iraq, where Galbraith was supposedly working for the Iraqi government to help write their constitution while also working for an oil company setting up contracts with the Kurds, it is easy to suppose that Galbraith was also serving two masters in Kabul.

Whether that second master was the US government, or a group of like minded officials, the Asia Times reckons that the affair is mainly another black eye for the UN, which continues to have problems with their US employees who seem to follow their own agenda, rather than that of their superiors within the organization.

But with the news that Galbraith is now suing the UN over his dismissal, maybe he's just out there trying to find another way to make a buck. Blog Simple will follow the career of Mr. Galbraith with considerable interest.


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