Friday, January 08, 2010

Why Yemen Part 2

Besides, history has no instances of a declining world power meekly accepting its destiny and walking into the sunset. The US cannot give up on its global dominance without putting up a real fight. And the reality of all such momentous struggles is that they cannot be fought piece-meal. You cannot fight China without occupying Yemen.
 -M K Bhadrakumar in the Asia Times

Blog Simple asked 'Why Yemen?' in an earlier post.

Bhadrakumar's thesis, that the main point of the new US push in Yemen is to counter China, makes good sense. An important part of the strategy will be the establishment of bases in Yemen.

He also talks about Israel establishing a foothold on the Arabian peninsula, as they have in northern Iraq. This, despite the pro-Western tilt of Saudi Arabia, is bound to cause concern there, both for strategic reasons and the incentive it might give the local al-Qaida groups.

In any case, it looks like Yemen will be a new front in the global war. Fettered Leader will continue down the tracks (Bhadradumar's metaphor), there is no turning aside, much less going back.


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