Monday, January 18, 2010

Gitmoed to death

Scott Horton has a must read article on the strange 'suicide' deaths at Gitmo in June of 2006. An NCO has come forward and put the military's improbable story in even greater doubt.

Part of the story is an ongoing effort by the current administration to cover up the truth of the matter, confirming once again the lack of change, not to mention hope, that has become Obama's main feature. As Horton points out, strange deaths keep happening:
Nearly 200 men remain imprisoned at Guantánamo. In June 2009, six months after Barack Obama took office, one of them, a thirty-one-year-old Yemeni named Muhammed Abdallah Salih, was found dead in his cell. The exact circumstances of his death, like those of the deaths of the three men from Alpha Block, remain uncertain. Those charged with accounting for what happened—the prison command, the civilian and military investigative agencies, the Justice Department, and ultimately the attorney general himself—all face a choice between the rule of law and the expedience of political silence. Thus far, their choice has been unanimous.


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