Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Blog Simple finds itself posting often on articles by the Asia Times' M K Bhadrakumar. The main reason is his dispassionate, acute viewpoints, which are so often at odds with the prevailing wisdom distributed by the MSM. In world affairs, the MSM is almost nothing more than a megaphone for US establishment interests, controversy and discussion only take place when there are diverging interests within that establishment.

His article today presents another look at the Obama's administrations troubles with Karzai in Kabul. Months of negative press have not been enough to remove him from office, the obvious goal of Holbrooke and his ex-UN stooge Galbraith, but efforts are continuing to undermine Karzai's position and power.

The article points out that the removal or marginalization of Karzai will do little to change the fundamental power structure in the country, or the practice of distributing funds from overseas to protect and serve that power structure.

His final point is also a good one. It's one year into Obama's presidency, and he has yet to deign to visit Afghanistan. It's about time.


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