Friday, March 26, 2010

The real scam

Billmon has one of his rare posts up at DKos, discussing the latest Republican shenanigans in urging supporters to 'reload', and then inventing attacks on themselves to balance the issue.

After a good analysis of how right wing attacks work, he thought this time the clown show by Rep. Cantor would backfire:
Will the ploy work this time? I don’t think so, or if so, only to a limited degree. The material may have been brilliant, but the performance sucked –- even Cantor couldn’t make himself sound like he actually believed it. Sure, Fox News is ready (as always) to take the baton and run with it, but I think the mainstream corporate media deadheads, brain dead as they may be, have finally picked up on the scam.
He had to follow up with a rueful update:
The New York Times, tonight:
Accusations Fly Between Parties Over Threats and Vandalism
To expect the MSM, particularly the NYT, to penetrate right wing media scams is akin  to expecting the second coming any day. From Whitewater to Dan Rather, to the ACORN fiasco, the NYT is ever ready to jump on any right wing  bandwagon that Karl Rove & Co. is riding. To look at this as an accident, or a poor job reporting is really unforgivably naive. Sure they hide behind their vaunted 'objectivity', but that is the real scam. They are a necessary part of the program, and most commentators still refuse to see it.


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