Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Red Alert!!!!

From all appearances, a four star US general has disappeared, possibly abducted, confined to a hospital ward, or buried in a shallow grave.

Yes, CENTCOM commander Gen. David Petraeus has gone missing, at least from the media, as his direct subordinate has been called to the White House to... explain himself.

President Obama will be there, SecDef Gates will be there, Gen. McChrystal will be there, but the third man in that chain of command seems to have gone missing, at least from what one can glean from the US press that has suddenly forgotten their past golden general.

In truth, Gen. Petraeus has had a lower profile for some time, despite his public fainting spells. When someone of supposedly presidential timber ducks under the radar, there usually is a good reason. What it is remains a mystery.

UPDATE: He's back! And taking over for McChrystal in Afghanistan. Why he was not somewhat responsible for McChrystal's remarks is not mentioned. Does this mean we are in store for more fawning about this warrior extraordinaire? It certainly does mean the continuation of the same failed policies. 


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