Monday, May 31, 2010

He can't help it

This would be comical if people weren't killed and a very dangerous situation unfolding.

Netanyahu just can't help it. Any opportunity to give Barack Obama a good bitch slapping is more than he can resist, and the combination of the Gaza flotilla and a planned meeting with the prez was a golden one.

Now the US will probably have to veto a UN resolution, and the Turks are going to get a lesson on US priorities. That was an act of war, but not for our best friends, so shut up, Turkey.

It's going to take a firm hand in Washington to calm this crisis down, and Obama is dangerously weak and disconnected from everything but politics. The Israelis know, so do the Turks.The situation could get very ugly in a hurry.

And listen Obama, Netanyahu will call on you when he feels like it, and not before. Bitch.

UPDATE: Gee, what happened to the Korea crisis?


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