Monday, May 17, 2010

Open window

While it is important that Turkey and Brazil have had the courage to defy the big blue meanie and sign a deal with Iran, it must have been obvious from the get-go that the US would try to negate its meaning and keep beating the drum for more sanctions. In addition to negating its meaning, there will be a push to break the deal outright. Let's see what Obama/Clinton have up their sleeve.

In real terms, it matters little if Iran stops its enrichment program or not, the US will always insist that they are cheating and doing clandestine enrichment, and continue the sanctions. Just ask Saddam. The effort has nothing to do with Iran getting a bomb, it's about regime change and the installation of another puppet ruler. Only that will end the sanctions.

It's going to be interesting to see how China plays it now. Whether it gave any backing to Turkey or Brazil, further sanctions were not in its best interest. This opens a window to opposing new sanctions, but the window won't be open for long.


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