Thursday, April 08, 2010


Israeli PM Netanyahu has just issued a firm nyet about attending Obama's big nuclear pow-wow. I call that a bigger bitch slapping than that he bestowed on Joe Biden.

Clearly, Obama will not be pleased, but it's hard to imagine what he can do, see that there are no dinner invitations to be late for, or to omit issuing. He might stamp his little feet, but I doubt it.

China Matters speculated that Obama wants to make real changes to the NPT., If that was the case, no nations other than the most subservient (Europeans) will consider any modifications that leave out one of the most powerful and unpredictable arsenals in the world.

Asserting the right to assassinate US citizens, and raining drone fired missiles down on Pashtun villages may give Obama the illusion that he's big and strong, but the Israeli reminder keeps coming back, "You are a weakling, little Obamabitch.".


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