Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Who runs Peter?

Peter Galbraith, fired from his job with the UN for failing to keep his mouth clothed, continues to be a one man anti-Karzai bandwagon, basically accusing the mayor of Kabul of being a drug impaired dirty hippie.

What is interesting is that the guy is such a one stop shop for Karzai bashing, with a media megaphone at his beck and call. Already forgotten, evidently, was his little escapade in Iraqi Kurdistan, where he tried to wheel and deal his way to a share of the Tawke oilfield, while promoting oil autonomy for the Kurds in the Iraqi constitution.

It's as hard to believe that he was just a free agent in Iraq, it's harder to believe that he wasn't working for someone else than the UN in Kabul, and his current job as Karzai slammer is obviously in someone's interest besides his own. Question is, who?


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