Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Incompetent, or fiendishly clever?

The newest member of the 'Incompetent Terrorist of the Month Club' has taken all the usual kudos from the media, matched only by the heroism of the passengers/street vendors that are the only thing between us and a terrorist spawned disaster of untold magnitude. Maybe.

Joe Lieberman's answer to this awesome tide of awfulness is typical, since we are forced by activist judges to 'Mirandize' US terrorists, and thus severely hamper our law enforcement agencies, a simple expedient would be to strip these dastards of their citizenship in one fell executive swoop, and then allow the unchained minions of law and order act, well, lawlessly. 24, baby.

For now, the already expanded no-fly list will now be sped up, as well as super-sized. Panels of experts will glumly inform us that we need to sacrifice our 'rights', otherwise more and more incompetents will be emboldened to try to set off their bozo bombs.

This guy didn't even want to die in the attack. Suiciders being all the rage in jihadi circles, such a faux pas must have raised some eyebrows back in Waziristan. Here it was pretty well ignored. No one has raised the possibility that he didn't want to succeed, and just wanted to cause more mass hysteria.


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