Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Terror War

Gareth Porter reports that the new new strategy for Kandahar will be night raids using information supplied by Wali Karzai, the Mayor of Kabul's brother.

The previous offensive in Marjah has just been described by COIN genius McChrystal as a 'bleeding ulcer', that was to supply a 'government in a box', that government has seemingly remained inside the box, perhaps finding the it snug and cozy and rich in creature comforts.

With the demise of the government in a box strategy, you have to go to war with the government you have, and that's Karzai. He will supply 'intelligence' about his enemies, and McChrystal will send out his death squads. Winning hearts and minds will be replaced by blowing out brains. Snatch a few guys, torture them, and then there are more targets for the death squads, a.k.a. 'our boys'.

And not only that. The terror war is undergoing a major expansion, as presidential candidate Petraeus takes time off to devise a new expansion of death and kidnapping squads into Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and God knows where else.

So the War on Terror morphs into the Terror War. Drones, kidnapping and torture, death squads; onward to Victory, whatever that is.


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