Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Clear failure

It's now clear that Obama's response to the Great Oil Spill has been one of obfuscation, his interest only in avoiding political damage, and protecting the interests of Big Oil.

The US Coast Guard is working as the private police force of BP, threatening reporters with arrest for trying to film an oil covered beach. The NOAA serves as spokespersons and shills for BP, assisting in minimizing damage and hiding information from scientists and the public.

But all this is entirely consistent with his other policies and their implementation. Hiding behind his words and calm demeanor, the policies of Bush/Cheney have been continued in almost every way. War without end, curtailment of civil liberties, economic plundering of the middle class and the ongoing destitution and misery of the underclass, handouts to the financial elite and the owners of the insanely expensive health system, the failures are beginning to multiply their effects in the country and in the world.

Sometimes I try to imagine what the guy is thinking. Is he convinced in what he's doing, or is he trapped by his lack of courage and convictions, or does he just not care? To the victims of these insane policies, and that will be most of the world, I guess it doesn't matter. What he has made clear is that there is no hope in the political system, and what hope there might be is still below the horizon.


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