Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here comes the cavalry

Besieged Arizonans, trembling beneath their beds as the relentless tide of illegal Mexicans rolls over their state, must be breathing a sign of relief upon the news that Obama is sending 1200 National Guard troops to the border, plus $500mn to beef up other stuff.

I certainly don't envy those troops, summer in southern Arizona will give them a taste of hell, though they might have already had that in Iraq. At least you can get a drink in AZ, and Mexicans don't use IEDs, yet.

Obama once again swings right with the wind. It doesn't take much, a slight zephyr sends him spinning like a dradle. The main reason for illegal immigration is that US agriculture needs workers, but that is now conveniently forgotten by our intellectual president. Now even more dangerous and expensive routes will be found for the desperate people that work in the fields. More will die.

Americans might have to spend another nickle for their lettuce. Shit!


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