Monday, March 21, 2011

No fly my eye

The news media continues in large part to repeat that the military action in Libya is the imposition of a 'no fly' zone. Since when does a no fly zone require bombing troops and tanks?

This is an intervention in a civil war. The enthusiasm of Britain and France is especially appalling, evidently it is impossible for mankind to learn anything for more than a few years.

The farcical notion that the 'West' is on the side of 'the people' in the Arab world will be hard to maintain for more that another few weeks or months. The tottering of the repressive apparatus will lead to other interventions, Yemen will probably be next. It remains to be seen if the cowardly and stupid Saudi regime can handle the repression in Bahrain, otherwise the US will need to overtly intervene there as well.

There's a good chance that all these different wars will start to merge. This will be the product of the sclerotic policies that have remained unchanged and unquestioned until something had to give. And with an administration that gives new meaning to the word incompetence, it could be a disaster with world wide consequences.


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