Saturday, July 23, 2011

Debt limit to the rescue!

The wave of shock, anger and disappointment that has swept over the US and British media since the identity of the Oslo attacker was revealed has been heartbreaking. The NYT and WaPo in particular have already spent countless hours lining up experts, pundits, and anonymous officials to tell us what to think and why. The WaPo has already used it to prove that the US cannot cut its defense budget, or it will happen here. Jihadi websites were cited by the Times to prove that Al Qaida is back in a big way. There wasn't time to drag out the Libya connection, but it was waiting in the wings.

And now what do they get, a blond, blue-eyed right wing fanatic that proves to them nothing about nobody, and leaves them with the fervent hope that another, giant news story will come along and cover up their need to prove they're not embarrassed about their shitty journalistic ways.

Thank God for them Boehner walked out of debt talks today. That, along with record heat bumped the Oslo story way down the WaPo web page. Look for it to be downgraded again tomorrow.


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