Thursday, February 09, 2012


What is US policy in the Middle East? Beyond the talk of 'democracy' and 'protection', which is nothing but lies, the policy towards all but the most subservient dictatorships (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait)  is to promote chaos, with the accompanying division into armed groups, misery and death.

A look at the results of Libyan 'liberation' confirms this. This is usually ignored, but the NYT actually has a article about Libya:
As the militiamen saw it, they had the best of intentions. They assaulted another militia at a seaside base here this week to rescue a woman who had been abducted. When the guns fell silent, briefly, the scene that unfolded felt as chaotic as Libya’s revolution these days — a government whose authority extends no further than its offices, militias whose swagger comes from guns far too plentiful and residents whose patience fades with every volley of gunfire that cracks at night.
The relentless propaganda war that preceded the attack in Libya is now being directed towards Syria. If successful, the outcome will be the same, the country divided by militia groups and plunged into a chaos that will surpass anything we've seen so far.

The policy is not to encourage anything resembling 'democracy', but rather to avoid it at all costs.


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