Thursday, November 09, 2006

Balls, Balz

Dan Balz, a Washington Post staff writer writes in his article "For Bush's New Direction, Cooperation Is The Challenge":
In the wake of an election that swept Republicans from power in the House and left them on the brink of surrendering their Senate majority as well, both parties have greater incentives to reach accommodation than at any time since Bush was elected in 2000. Iraq will provide the critical test of whether either can overcome the ingrained habits and bad blood of six years of partisan warfare that have often left the Capitol in gridlock.
Dan does not explain how this gridlock manifested itself during the past six years. How could he? The Republican party controlled the House, the Senate and the Presidency. What George wanted, George got and now to invent a tale of a Capitol in gridlock is rewriting history at is most absurd.
But it is no mistake, you can be sure that these calls for bipartisanship, under the cover of 'news articles', are going to multiply in the upcoming days. They're going to get deafening when the committees start to investigate administration wrongdoing.


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