Tuesday, February 27, 2007

WTC7's preannounced demise

Alex Jones, he of Prison Planet, has found a video recording, purportedly an original of the BBC broadcast on 9/11, that has the BBC reporter reporting the collapse of WTC7, some 20 minutes before it actually occurred. The building is still standing in the background as she speaks.

The BBC has published, in a response by Richard Porter, head of News, BBC World, a 5 point article that is a masterpiece of bullshit.

The main points, beside the blubbering are:
  1. If the reporter said the building collapsed before it did, it was an error.
  2. We lost the original tapes by accident, really.
  3. We don't really dispute the recording, but nobody remembers too good what happened.
There's a lot of effort being made to keep the video off the web, doomed to failure, of course, chop one down and a thousand bloom. Here's a link to one, subject of course to galloping link rot.


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