Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What's a quid without a quo

Rice on Tuesday did something that I cannot find reported in the US press, except for the Christian Broadcasting Network.
In another move that could please Washington's Arab friends, the US signed a statement endorsing an Arab initiative for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
The initiative offers Israel normal relations with all Arab countries in return for full withdrawal from the land which Israel captured in 1967. Israel at first rejected the plan, but has said recently it could be a basis for negotiation.
My emphasis above. On the other hand, the US press is filled with the news that the Saudis will attend a peace conference if invited.

Without the first part of the equation, it looks like the Saudis signed up for nothing but $20B in US arms. Rice signed a statement that endorsed the complete withdrawal of Israel from the occupied territories, and that is not reported in the US, though it was in Israel.

If this is true, I must apologize to Secretary Rice for past doubts about this trip. That is indeed a bold step, and a courageous one. It would be nice to be informed by our domestic media that it occurred, but I guess they're still deciding how to spin it.


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