Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alarmed yet?

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists points out that we should be alarmed by the wayward nukes:
Thus far, the reaction in the United States hasn't been encouraging. The story made a splash in the news, but the public has apparently bought the air force line that there was never a chance of an explosion and that the accident wasn't a big deal. The Pentagon is paying attention (if only because there are still a few people there who remember that nuclear weapons are dangerous), but air force leadership has already started arguing that releasing information about the accident would harm national security by "giv[ing] terrorists insights into how the United States guards and moves weapons." There might be some congressional action, but with the Iraq War taking center stage this fall, it's quite possible that the accident won't get the attention it deserves.
So once again, we need to depend on the Air Force to investigate the Air Force, and we cannot know the results of the investigation because otherwise the terrorist will win! Expect Congress to get a secret report, tut-tut, and the whole matter will disappear down the memory hole.

As the scientist hints in the article, we're fucking doomed in this country. Deadly systems have broken free of all control, emergency response has been outsourced for profit, and nobody in politics has a clue on what to do. Except the Republicans, they're going to steal everything they can and hope for the best.


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