Monday, September 10, 2007

Welcome! Benvenuto! Bienvenue! Willkommen!

Blog Simple has been around for more than a year now, and has never had much traffic to speak of.

Apart from friends and family, who dutifully dropped in during the first month or so and haven't been seen since (excepting my father, who is probably trying to atone for sending me to a military academy at a tender age, ha, ha), most of my traffic comes from google searches, the blog whoring I do (rarely!), comments I make on other blogs, and a couple of regulars, God bless their little hearts.

But of late, my hit count has gone up, driven by google searches for 'elizabeth mcnally', or 'elizabeth mcnally army'. I mentioned a Captain Elizabeth McNally in this post, and the article that is the subject of the post says that she is a West Point graduate and Rhodes scholar, and is currently General Petraeus's speech writer. Today I even got a hit from a search for McNally launched from a computer at in the Executive Office of Asset Forfeiture. How exciting! I hope she hasn't done anything wrong. I hope I haven't done anything wrong either, though Asset Forfeiture is not a big worry around Blog Simple. Maybe when the big advertising bucks start rolling in, but not before. I wonder if there is an Executive Office of Debt Forfeiture? I could get behind that!

So friends, relatives, enemies and investigators of Elizabeth McNally, welcome to Blog Simple. We're just plain, down to earth folk around here, we love hippos of all sizes and we strive to keep you amused and informed. Commenting is on, and you can always drop me an email if you can pass the intelligence test that is set up to deceive automatons.


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