Thursday, September 06, 2007


That me, tooting my own horn. Wait, let me do it once again: TOOT!

I'm considering subtitling Blog Simple 'Where you get tomorrow's news today' after some of my intuitions have started to pan out.

Firstly, the New York Sun today came out with an editorial 'Petraeus for President' today which eerily recalls my President Petraeus post. The New York Sun being what it is, the home of ass-kissing sycophancy towards Feckless Leader, recognition of a fellow knee-dropper is logical. But don't get me wrong, my money ($2.47) is still on Fred. And just to edge out on another limb, a Thompson/Petraeus ticket would waltz into the White House like a dancing bear.

Then, even more improbably, my suspicions that China was behind the market's recent hiccups is now being circulated in the press.

If I start a rapture countdown, start to worry.


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