Friday, September 21, 2007

Putin goes to Iran

M K Bhadrakumar at the Asia Times looks at the upcoming visit by Putin to Iran, and speculates that it is going to mean that US-Russia relations are going to be bumpy at the very least.

Putin is also backing El-Baradei's moves to keep Iran in the IAEA, and to emphasize the IAEA, rather than the Security Council, as the reference in these matters. So further sanctions don't seem to be in the cards, and without Russia's support the economic war that the US is waging against Iran will be of doubtful effect.

US blundering, and Russian maneuvering has placed Russia securely in a win/win situation, the same factors have placed the US and Europe in a lose/lose situation. War or retreat seem the only alternatives for Feckless Leader, and Feckless Leader never retreats. War will mean oil and gas prices skyrocketing, Russia will cash in big time, peace means less money, but Iranian support in Central Asia.

The Europeans (and China) would love to get reliable gas supplies from Iran, but their subservience to the US is moving them in the opposite direction. Merkel is a weakling, and Sarkozy is a Berlusconian thug with the same ties to neo-con fabulists. The EU sanction alternative does nothing to alleviate European dependence on Russian gas, and their leaders weakness means that a factor for sanity has been silenced. They are beneath contempt for their cowardice, and will bear responsibility along with the US if war comes.


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