Thursday, September 20, 2007


By a strange coincidence, the WaPo has come out with a new feature on the same day that Feckless Leader condemns MoveOn's 'General Betray Us' ad. The new feature is 'The Fact Checker', supposedly devoted to checking campaign ads, and their opening 'fact check' is on, strangely enough, the MoveOn ad.

As expected, their fact checking technique is to repeat unverifiable statistics from the government as God's truth, hem and haw about Petraeus's past statements that the war was being won, and the Iraqis he was training were ready to stand up, and come up with mind-bendingly idiotic statements such as this:
Reporters based in Baghdad have reported that one reason for the declining violence is the ethnic cleansing of neighborhoods. See this useful New York Times graphic, for example. Petraeus did not dispute a New York Times report that 35,000 Iraqis have left their homes in Baghdad as part of ethnic cleansing.
There are now 4,000,000 Iraqi refugees, and according the the Iraqi Red Crescent, 1 million are from Baghdad.

So please, WaPo, now that you've made your point (that we already knew) that you slavishly support the Bush administration, no matter what disasters they cause, please discontinue your moronic feature. Award yourself a bunch of Pinochios for your past lies, and spare us an analysis that just adds to the total.


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