Thursday, October 18, 2007

Loose Nukes, another chapter

The story of the 'loose nukes' from Minot to Barksdale has not been a big media event. In the relay race of relating recent reality, the WaPo has been holding that baton tightly in their hot little hands, while the NYT has basically ignored it.

The official story, all told by nameless 'officials', was given its first shaping by Walter Pincus, as described here.

Now they (the WaPo) have trotted out another national security thoroughbred from their stable, Thomas Ricks, to bring us the latest news, there are consequences for such blunders!

In a modern masterpiece, two Air Force 'senior officials' spill their guts out anonymously, and we are informed that, maybe, probably, a colonel will be relieved, and several enlisted personnel will be sacrificed reprimanded. There is also vague talk of criminal indictments on unnamed charges.

From what little we really know, one of the most interesting is questions has been left lying there, unasked. This story was leaked by Air Force personnel to the Military Times. Why did they do that? Why would they do that?

Might those people be the ones 'relieved' and 'reprimanded'?

When the fully transparent and accurate report from the Secretary of the Air Force is published (sound the trumpets) we'll know all this, and more!


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