Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Regular readers of Blog Simple know that I disapprove of our excellent adventure in Arabia, that is the Iraq war. The greed, stupidity, arrogance and all around incompetence that has marked it have brought me past the brink of despair when thinking about the good ol' USA, a country that could have been compared perhaps to most others, and now seemed to be launching itself into a pariah status that only a few others in history could match or exceed.
But the infusion of 'Bushies' unto all the nooks and crannies of the bureaucracy it starting to bear such strange fruit that we might soon need a new category in the history of nations. Take this for example:

When Jordan Fox was serving in Iraq, his mother helped organize Operation Pittsburgh Pride, which sends thousands of care packages to U.S. troops from his hometown, which prompted a personal “thank you” from the White House. When Fox was seriously injured in Iraq, the president sent what appeared to be personal note, expressing his concerns to the Fox family.

But more recently, Fox received a different piece of correspondence from the Bush administration.

The U.S. Military is demanding that thousands of wounded service personnel give back signing bonuses because they are unable to serve out their commitments.

To get people to sign up, the military gives enlistment bonuses up to $30,000 in some cases.

Now men and women who have lost arms, legs, eyesight, hearing and can no longer serve are being ordered to pay some of that money back.

Hatred has always seemed the most destructive of emotions, I've tried my whole life to avoid it and its consequences, but I find I cannot help myself, I hate these bastards.


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