Friday, November 02, 2007


The breathless reporting of the confirmation of Mukasey as AG has provided much amusement here at Blog Simple.

The whole farce was played out with much aplomb and earnestness by the cast: the Nominee, Congress and the Press, that one looks back at the sneakily enacted FISA bill as one would look back at the dark ages. Here there was no sneaking about, our newfound national devotion to torture was discussed in open terms, and the proposed chief law enforcement officer of the land has stated proudly that he just doesn't understand the concept.

Torture, smorture, says Mukasey, and who can doubt such an honest man. Who can doubt the sincerity of those that support his position of incomprehension, such as Feinstein and Shumer.

Now we have the weekend to wonder if filibuster talk will start and add to the hilarity. Joy.


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