Thursday, October 18, 2007

Welcome Home

Benazir Bhutto's return to Pakistan, seeming engineered by the US to put a patina of democracy on a autocratic ally, got started with a bang.

Some of Bhutto's followers are blaming the Pakistan intellegence agency ISI, everyone else will blame Islamists, al Qaida, and the Taliban. Of course ISI has been closely identified with those groups anyway, so probably everyone is right.

Meanwhile, the Asia Times is reporting that the Pakistan army is about to move massively into the northern areas bordering Afghanistan. We can expect tens of thousands of refugees as the Pakistan air force bombs their own people with spanking new jets supplied by the US, but we can also expect that the rank and file in the army, and lots of officers are going to be disgruntled. Musharraf is a wily bird with a talent for survival, but this time he may not make it. I would expect that the US gave him no choice.

So, as usual, the Bush administration is sowing chaos, death and destruction. Is there anything that these people touch that doesn't turn to shit? Oh, yeah, their bank accounts.


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