Thursday, October 18, 2007

Strange trip

So why did Olmert run to Moscow, and not Washington?

DEBKA says Bush is pissed off about it, but you can't believe DEBKA, no matter how plausible they seem. Ms. Information, thy middle name is DEBKA. Anyway, it's a strange and atypical occurrence for the Israeli PM to arrange a top level meeting, in Moscow, with no build up and no advance story. It definitely makes Israel look like a supplicant, not a good idea in that part of the world. They must have had a pretty good reason to go, but what?

The US press has still punted on it, it's just an AP story now. They must be waiting to hear what spin to put on it from their masters. And they can hide for a while behind the Pakistan mess, two big foreign stories are too much for the American mind.


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