Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Waterboarding, the advanced course

This post, from an expert, should make it clear even to the most benighted minds, such as that of Feckless Leader, the incoming AG, or Congress, that the US government is now a criminal regime engaging in torture. It is violating the law, the Constitution, and international treaties.

It's actions are about to be condoned and encouraged once again by Congress. Now that the new Grand Inquisitor, Mukasey, is to be confirmed, we're told that Congress might pass a law banning torture. This Charlie Brown/Lucy with the football act has got to stop. They ain't gonna pass no law, face it you idiots, vote Republican or vote Democratic, you are voting for torture.


Anonymous Scott said...

Why on earth are we debating this at all? Can't we see what it is? No. The air of retribution permeates our air (and airwaves) so that the average Joe is confused - maybe we need to do this to "protect" ourselves? It is torture, and we reject our own values to "save" America. But with that, the fight is already lost for us all. What's left to "fight" for if we park our own values at the door?

11/10/2007 2:15 PM  

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