Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mixed Messages

The down side to stenography by a news organization is the need for an editor to mind the message.

Newspaper headlines on the net are changeable in an instant, and who has the energy to commemorate some of the more discordant moments?

But the article:
Bush Praises Musharref

followed by this:
U.S. Eyes Pakistan's No. 2 General

on the WaPo front page stand as a testament to discordance, witting or unwitting.

And I love this watch your back photo, attached to the second article:

Don't count out Musharref, he's a wily old bird, with eyes in the back of his head.

UPDATE: What strikes me most about the press coverage of Pakistan is the ingrained faith that the spin is the reality, while reality is never allowed to peek through the door. It's even worse than Iraq. The US continues, and needs to continue, to bribe Pakistan to be an unwilling participant in the war in Afghanistan, mainly by permitting the supplying of the ongoing disaster to cross its territory. The possibility that other factors beyond the US hegemony can exist in Pakistan is never even hinted at. The Cheney administration will go to the end believing (or trying to make us believe) that the only reality is what you see in the... WaPo.


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