Monday, December 17, 2007



Top-secret Blog Simple contacts in Congress are reporting that House and Senate leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are planning a joint new conference where they plan to express 'disgruntlement' over the latest moves from the White House. The contacts have also spelled out what has irked the lawmakers.

"They're running out of things to cave on. After the war funding and the FISA law is passed just as the President wants them, there's nothing more on the table for them to take a principled stand on and then cave in on at the first hint of pressure or allegation that they are endangering American soldiers or citizens. Harry and Nancy are at their wits end, sure they can watch Congressional subpoenas being ignored and laughed at until the cows come home, but that's just not enough."

The Democrat duo are planning on suggesting issues that they are willing to cave on in 2008. "There's always Social Security. They were very disappointed by the lack of resolve shown by the President in pushing his agenda. There's well over a trillion dollars waiting to be looted by Bush and his cronies, but they didn't have the gumption to ignore the will of the people. Why can't he follow our example?", the lawmakers have revealed in confidence.

The lawmakers were taken aback by accusations that they are letting Chris Dodd block their latest cave in over FISA. "Not true, Senator Reid said testily off the record. I wouldn't let him place a hold on the bill, and I do it all the time for Republicans. If that isn't taking a stand, I don't know what is. Anyway, don't worry, the telecom immunity is guaranteed by the Constitution, isn't it?

Top Democratic strategists are worried that the lack of opportunity to kowtow to the White House might hurt the parties chances in the upcoming elections. One told us, "Nancy and Harry have to take a stand now, and not let people forget how craven and accommodating they can be. How can we expect an election to be close enough for Karl Rove to fix if the people are inspired by our courage?" When it was pointed out that people wanted new leadership and President Bush's approval ratings were at historic lows, the strategist responded, "You just don't get it, do you."


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