Sunday, December 02, 2007

They're back?

Neo-con sightings are increasing, Blog Simple is tracking three instances that might prove that reports of their demise in the corridors of power is sadly overstated:

1. North Korea - the US is now imposing three new conditions before removing N. Korea from its list of terrorist states. Head US negotiator Hill is off in S. Korea now before paying a visit to the north. Big question, of course, is whether this will be a deal breaker for Kim.

2. Olmert bitch-slaps Khalilzad and Condi looks off to the side. I've heard Khalilzad described as a neo-con too, but I've never been convinced, he's always seemed more a part of the realists.

3. Wolfie is back! And in State Department, too.

All of these involve the State Department, which has been the most estranged from their disastrous 'policies'. Could it be that Cheney's irregular heartbeat has galvanized him to impose himself once more on Feckless Leader? Stay tuned!


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